Fair, adaptive pricing.

We’ve developed a fair pricing system that follows
 the evolution of your allocation.

It’s plain and simple.

  • Napbots is free for trading budgets under $200.
  • Above $200, we charge a monthly fee of €2 for each tranche of $100 of trading budget.
  • For $25,000 and above of investment, our price is capped at €500/month.
  • You’re free to stop your subscription whenever you want. Terms still apply.

A monthly fee proportionate to your allocation.

> $25.000

Monthly subscription fee:0

You might ask, what happens when your performance fluctuates between tranches of $100?

There will be no change whatsoever in pricing as long as you do not modify your allocation.

Just got $100 more under management thanks to a good performance? Your pricing remains the same: those are your cumulative gains, you did not modify your allocation. Your monthly fee will only evolve if you increase or decrease it.

Frequently Asked

Napbots is currently compatible with Binance, Kraken, FTX, and Bitfinex. More trusted exchanges will be added over time, so check back soon.
Over 30 cryptos are available to trade with Napbots. You can currently trade with ETC, ADA, NEAR, BTT, ALGO, LINK, RVN, XTZ, HOT, ZRX, QTUM, MANA, MATIC, ONE, ZIL, ICP, SOL, ICX, WAVES, ATOM, NEO, DOGE, BTC, XRP, BNB, BCH, UMA, CELO, EOS, FTM, LSK, XEM, XLM, VET, GRT, AAVE, AVAX, CRV, SUSHI, GRT, THETA, CHZ, ENJ, DOT and KSM.
That isn’t a problem: your position will be closed in the next trade window. Please note that the trade will reflect market conditions after your allocation change, which may be different from the situation when you signaled the change.
To see how each of the bots you have selected is performing, just click the ‘bots’ tab in the application sidebar.
You can modify your trading budget anytime on Napbots in your profile. Keep in mind that: - Napbots charges a monthly fee of €2 for each tranche of $100 of trading budget. - Your monthly fees are recalculated on a pro-rata basis, from the date you update your budget. If you increase your trading budget, the additional subscription fee will be calculated on a pro-rata basis and will be charged when confirming your update. If you decrease your trading budget, the generated credit will be deducted from next month(s) invoice(s).