YouGov Poll shows 27% of the Respondents support the Idea to make Bitcoin BTC a Legal Tender in the US

YouGov (a research and data analytics firm) has conducted a survey among 4,912 US citizens belonging to various sections and age groups (from 18 years to more than 55 years). This new poll has found out that 27% of their sample survey support the idea of the US government recognizing Bitcoin as a legal tender.

The concerned research and data analytics firm conducted the poll at a time after the parliament of El Salvador passed a law (back in June 2021) making Bitcoin a legal tender in the economy. The new poll by YouGov in the US found out that the idea of making Bitcoin a legal tender in the United States is:

  • Strongly supported by 11% of the respondents and
  • Somewhat supported by 16% of the respondents

This survey also found out that Democrat respondents are more supportive of this idea than the Republican respondents. In comparison to around 29% of the Democrat respondents, just 26% of the Republican respondents support legalizing BTC as a legal tender in the US.

Respondents belonging to the age groups 25-34 years (44% strictly support or somewhat support) and 35-40 years (37% strictly support or somewhat support) are most supportive of this idea. However, the 55-75 years age group (who are called baby boomers) is the least supportive of the idea of making Bitcoin a legal tender. Only 11% of that age group either strictly support or somewhat support the idea.

The poll found out that the income of an individual affects the attitude of people towards making BTC a legal tender in the USA. The respondents having an income of over US$80,000 per year are around twice as likely to support the proposition to make Bitcoin a legal tender (21%) than the ones having an income of US$40,000 per year (11%).

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