While Bitcoin is taking a breather, Ethereum and XRP are growing rapidly.

  • The price of Bitcoin is still around USD 40,000.
  • XRP surpassed the resistance zone of €0,750. Ethereum rallied over USD 2,400.
  • ONT, SOL and QNT increase by more than 15%.

In a bullish zone above USD 39,000 and USD 39,200, the Bitcoin prices are traded.

BTC is trading below USD 40,000 currently (04:36 UTC).

If the downside correction is stronger, the price could receive a support of about USD 39,200.

Furthermore, most of the major altcoins gain pace.

ETH rose above 5% and even broke the level of USD 2 400.

XRP has resumed its growth, even exceeding the resistance of USD 0.750.

Capitalisation of the total market (trading view)

Price of Bitcoin

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In the previous three sessions, bitcoin prices largely consolidate gains in excess of USD 39,000. But BTC is struggling to gain bullish momentum, it climbed higher than US$ 40 000.

The prices are still positive and it seems that the bulls will soon be able to make additional profits above USD 40,500. Near USD 42,000 is seen as the next major resistance.

The downside is the immediate support of the USD 39,200 level. The next major support is almost USD 39,000, which could lead to a significant decline in prices.

Price of Ethereum

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The price of the Ethereum remained stable above USD 2,250, breaking the principal resistance of USD 2,325.

As a result, the USD 2 400 resistance was sharply rising. The price has even tested USD 2.450 and now the gains are being consolidated.

If the bottom correction happens, the price may be supported by close to USD 2,380. Close to USD 2350 has become the first major support.

Price of ADA, LTC, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) is up over 2% and has broken over the USD 1.30 barrier level. It appears that the price will soon break through USD 1.32.

In this event, the price may rise further, possibly reaching USD 1.35. Near the USD 1.40 level, the next major resistance is found.

On the downside, bids might be found near USD 1.25. The resistance levels of USD 140 and USD 142 were broken by Litecoin (LTC).

The bulls' next major target could be USD 150. Any further increases might pave the way for a move towards USD 165. If the price falls, it may find bids near USD 135 if there is a downside correction.

DOGE (Dogecoin) is regaining ground above USD 0.205.

It's getting close to the USD 0.212 resistance level. The key resistance level is around USD 0.220.

Closes over USD 0.220 may boost the likelihood of a rise towards USD 0.250. Although the price of XRP fell, it remained heavily bid near USD 0.690.

As a result, the currency rose above USD 0.700 and USD 0.720 for the first time. The price even surpassed USD 0.750. Any further rises could push the price up to USD 0.800.

Today's market for other altcoins

QNT, SOL, ONT, RUNE, SNX, DASH, FTM, SC, MKR, ZRX, UNI, OMG, CRV, AAVE, BAT, and KSM are among the cryptocurrencies that have gained more than 8%.

QNT, for example, soared 17 percent and broke through the USD 130 mark before correcting lower.

Overall, bitcoin's price is maintaining advances above USD 39,200.

In the short term, if BTC maintains stable and settles above USD 40,000, the next stop might be USD 42,000.

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