Vitalik says Ethereum 2.0 Development is 50% Complete

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has given a guesstimate on Ethereum 2.0’s completion. He said it is 50% complete. Know the new roadmap and 100% completion time. 

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has given a guesstimate on Ethereum 2.0’s completion. When asked about the progress the Ethereum project has made in the last 6-years, Buterin said that “we are 50% of the way there.” He thanked the launch of the Beacon chain, the London hard fork, and the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the progress. During the two-hour Bankless podcast episode, he laid out an updated 5-part roadmap diagram. The Ethereum founder said that the development of Ethereum 2.0 will be 100% complete in another 6-years. 

He said:

“I would say around 50. I’d be willing to go past 60 once the merge is fully complete, and I’d be willing to go past 80 once we have a full sharding implementation.”

The five distinct groupings include:

  1. Merge: Referring to the convergence of the two parallel Ethereum chains, which will help in successfully transitioning from a Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake (PoS) chain. It’ll take place in the first half (first or second quarter) of 2022. 

  1. Surge: It is the second hurdle to be crossed. The surge will help in the full implementation of the sharding and rollup. These will help in scaling up the solution. Once the Merge and Surge parts are implemented, 80% of Ethereum development will be complete.

  1. Verge: The 3rd stage of ETH2.0 development is the Verge, which will enable users to run nodes and democratize “access to the broadest number of participants possible to anyone and everyone who wants to verify the validity of the chain.” The node operation will become more efficient.

  1. Purge: This stage is tied up with the verge stage of development as it seeks to enhance the efficiency of nodes by doing away with historical data. 

  1. Splurge: This is the final stage of development where extras will be taken care of such as building censorship resistance functionality.

Vitalik Buterin underscored the point that all the 5 categories of Ethereum 2.0’s development will take place parallelly.