Pro Cryptocurrency Trader Lark Davis lists 5 Altcoins that will bring Significant Gains in June 2021

Lark Davis, one of the well-known cryptocurrency traders and analysts, has earmarked 5 altcoins that have the potential of significant price gains in the month of June 2021. 

  1. Polygon (MATIC)

This altcoin provides a layer-2 Ethereum-scaling solution, which makes transactions significantly faster and more affordable than on Ethereum (ETH). After last week’s market correction, the price of MATIC is positioned fairly well in comparison to other assets.

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Davis said:

“Holy cow polygon has just been roaring over the last few months… I think the gains train for Polygon has not finished… Right now you’re looking at a situation where we could still see it get up to $10 per MATIC token which is obviously great gains potential.”

In terms of daily transactions, Polygon has just flipped Binance Smart Chain. Multiple major DeFi platforms are moving towards Polygon, thereby adding significant value to the chain.

  1. Theta Network (THETA)

The next altcoin whose price has the potential of reaching the moon is the decentralized video streaming platform Theta Network (THETA). After the massive dip in the market last week, THETA is rebounding.

The pro trader said:

“We’ve got some very big catalysts coming up for the Theta Network in the month of June. The first one is the ThetaDrop Marketplace coming in June… The ThetaDrop marketplace is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace coming to the Theta Network which will be able to integrate with its different products…

NFTs are a massive advancement in digital ownership so Theta bringing in a marketplace for NFTs is big news and potentially a big price catalyst.“

  1. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA), the nearest competitor of Ethereum has started testing its long-awaited smart contract functionality. Davis said:

“We have been waiting years for smart contracts. It’s been crazy… Better late than never but you have to keep it real that the introduction of smart contracts onto Cardano – that’s going to be a big catalyst for this blockchain. I think in the run up to the launch of those smart contracts, the price is going to continue to rally as people get more and more excited about the launch of Cardano’s full ecosystem finally coming into play.”
  1. Vega (VEGA)

It is the first-ever derivatives trading protocol. This altcoin will experience a significant price jump in June because of the huge market of decentralized derivatives networks.

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  1. Formation

This upcoming altcoin is a cross-chain risk smart farming protocol, which allows users to stake money for farming rewards in the native Formation currency.

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