Research shows Cardano (ADA) is the Most Developed Project, Cardano all set to Announce Huge Partnerships

Venture capital firm Outlier Ventures’ research on the trends of blockchain development has shown that Cardano (ADA) protocol is the most developed one among 50 protocols. The firm has published multiple reports in the last 2-years for identifying trends in development.

Two main aspects that the research tried to figure out are:

  • Increase in engagement.
  • Protocols reflecting consistency of the core developers.

The report, however, made notable mentions about the Avalanche (AVAX) protocol. This project’s commitment-per-month (CPM) has increased by around 700%. However, Cardano leads among the sample 50 protocols when it comes to the actual numbers of commitments per month.

(“Commitment” refers to change in a blockchain’s source code, which is approved and agreed upon by the community and developers. More features and improvements are expected when more developers either work on commits or send more commits. The chances of success of a project increases with vigorous development. That’s why to understand a given blockchain project’s underlying strength, you can analyze engagement metrics.).

  • In comparison to last year, the average commitment-per-month (CPM) of Cardano projects this year has increased from 566 CPMs to 702 CPMs. This is a growth of 24%.
  • Ethereum’s average commitment-per-month has also increased from 405 CPMs last year to 447 CPMs this year. It is a growth of 10.5% annual growth rate.

In total CPMs, Cardano is way ahead of the other protocols. When inquired about their methodology, Outlier Ventures said:

“We analyzed 4,831 individual repositories, 1,246,318 code commits and finally 2,002,393,842 lines of code in 172 independent Web3 projects and protocols.”

After the Alonzo update of Cardano (ADA) protocol, the project is on the verge of announcing major partnerships. The Cardano Foundation’s Head of Brand and Comms, Sidney Vollmer, tweeted:

“Don’t really want to brag or anything but…

some of the partnerships we’re announcing at the #CardanoSummit will blow people’s mind. Really grateful for the chances we at@CardanoStiftunghave to change the world for the better, and have fun together.

Tune in.”

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