Leading Brazilian Investment Bank Launches Mynt Cryptocurrency Trading App

BTG Pactual, the leading investment bank of Brazil, has launched a new platform named Mynt so that their customers can invest in cryptocurrencies directly. Currently, the users of BTG Pactual bank’s Mynt crypto trading app can buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Reports say that the platform intends to increase support for more digital assets in the coming future. 

Digital assets’ head of BTG Pactual, Andre Porthilo, has said:

“At this first moment, we will have the two main assets of the market, but we will include other cryptos for trading over time. We will have a complete platform with blockchain-based assets.”

Roberto Sallouti, the CEO of BTG Pactual investment bank, has described the need for creating their Mynt crypto trading platform as a response to the increasing demand from their customers wishing to trade cryptocurrencies. He went on to add that they have planned to add a wide array of educational content for informing their new users about both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He said:

“As a new asset class, we will also have content to educate and inform our customers about these assets and the technology.”

Reports say that the launch of the Mynt cryptocurrency platform by BTC Pactual  makes them the first Brazilian financial behemoth to provide their customers the ability to participate in the cryptocurrency market directly. 

BTG Pactual’s Digital assets’ head has asserted that the burgeoning crypto sector of Brazil will get more credibility with the launch of their group’s crypto trading app. This is mainly because both the Brazilian Securities Commission and the central bank of Brazil assert the status of the bank. Andre Porthilo went on to say:

“With the support of BTG Pactual, Mynt has fundamental differentials in security and credibility [—] characteristics that are fundamental in a new category of investments with which most people [are] not yet used to.”

BTG Pactual has been active in the cryptocurrency domain for quite some time now. In 2019, the bank launched ReitBZ, which is a real estate-backed security token. In April 2021, BTG Pactual became the investment bank in Brazil to launch a cryptocurrency fund named Bitcoin 20 Multi-Market Investment Fund. With the launch of the Mynt crypto trading app for their customers, BTG Pactual added a new feather to their already expanding bouquet of crypto-related offerings in Brazil.

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