eBay Confirms its Plans to Explore Cryptocurrencies and NFT Sales

EBay CEO Jamie Iannone has confirmed during an interview with CNBC that his company is interested in cryptocurrencies. When asked about eBay’s plans of developing and adding alternative payment methods Jamie said that the company has plans of adding multiple payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and “other options, such as cryptocurrencies”.

Payer en bitcoin sur eBay : le parcours du combattant ! • BitConseil

The eBay CEO also went on to explain the adoption of new trends, thereby pointing out the organic aspect of certain additions. With more and more online businesses adopting cryptos as a preferred mode of payment option, Jamie Iannone’s confirmation of cryptocurrency adoption by eBay is not entirely surprising.

eBay names Walmart exec Jamie Iannone CEO | TechCrunch

However, what is more interesting about eBay CEO’s interview is the fact that he confirmed that the platform is exploring NFTs realm. He said:

“We are observing [the industry] and exploring opportunities to see how we can easily authorize them on eBay. "

However, reports say that eBay remains cautious about digital currencies and including them as a preferred mode of payment. In 2019, eBay had joined the Libra Association, the project of Facebook dealing with cryptocurrency. When the project faced difficulties, eBay had left it high and dry.

With the confirmation of the eBay CEO, this is the first time since then that the company has shown interest in opening up to the crypto sector. It remains to be seen whether eBay adds both cryptocurrency payments and NFTs in the coming months. If it does then it will be nothing short of revolutionary.

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