Cryptocurrency Market Predictions by Analysts for 2022

Analysts say 2022 will witness continued bullish momentum, US$250,000 price for BTC, and preference for blockchains focusing on performance, dApp development.

Analysts believe that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will reach US$100,000 before the second quarter of 2022. A crypto analyst with the Twitter handle @decodeJar said that BTC will surpass US$100,000 in the next few months and will reach as high as US$250,000 by 2022-end. 

His tweet read:

“#Bitcoin top sliding scale model.

1/ Conservative/Early projection:

Halving-to-top projected at same rate: 7 Jun 22.

2.618 Extension in Wave 5: $190,233.

2/ Extreme/Late projection:

Bottom-to-top projected at same rate: 19 Dec 22.

3.618 Extension in Wave 5: $251,971.”

However, he also cautioned by tweeting:

“Projections of future price and time are only a guide, but combining this range with other indicators as we get closer, can allow for a clean exit near the top. I favor the more conservative end of the scale ~$190,000.”

Many analysts and experts have the opinion that 2022 is going to be the year of crypto regulation instead of a ban. ExoAlpha’s managing partner and chief investment officer, David Lifchitz, has said that governments across the world will not ban cryptocurrencies. Instead “they want to regulate them to keep cryptos on a tight leash vs. fiat currencies and also see them as a source of taxable income to replenish their coffers.”

IMF has recently said:

“The world needs standards to address risks from crypto and the @FinStbBoard should develop a global regulatory framework to help.”

The overall bullish trend is likely to continue in the next year too despite the ongoing short-term weakness. ARK36 crypto and digital assets hedge fund’s executive director, Loukas Lagoudis, believes that the overall bullish trend will persist in 2022 along with mass adoption. 

Lagoudis went on to say:

“The sustained adoption of digital assets by institutional investors and their further integration into the legacy financial systems will be the main drivers of growth of the crypto space in the next year.”

He reasoned that the adoption by the institutional investors would accelerate as they start favoring cryptos and other digital assets as a reserve asset than gold. Loukas Lagoudis continued saying:

“In addition, since digital assets have consistently outperformed traditional asset classes, we predict that investors will see allocation to digital assets as a part of their risk management strategy - especially given the increasingly inflationary economic environment and the declining bond yields.”

Tellurian ExoAlpha’s head of asset management, Jean-Marc Bonnefous, said:

“The trend seems to be favoring blockchains that focus on performance, dApp development and that are somewhat more centralized… focused on security, store of value and that are more decentralized like BTC and even Ether… Basically, the market seems to go for business agility and cost-efficiency rather than blockchain purity, a big change from the past years. This winning relative value trade is likely to continue into next year.”