Coinbase becomes the No. 1 Mobile App on Apple App Store

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has become the most popular mobile application now on the US Apple App Store. As per the Top Charts list on the Apple App Store, the app of this leading exchange has moved ahead of other popular apps such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Robinhood trading app.

In the 12th position of the list, money and Bitcoin (BTC) sending app called Cash App is situated. The apps of Binance and Trust are located at the 16th and 17th positions of the list.

Portefeuille Bitcoin mobile pour Android et iOS – Coinbase

The app of Coinbase has been hovering near the top of Apple’s App Store since April. It was mostly behind Robinhood, which was in the number one spot. As Coinbase’s COIN started trading on NASDAQ in April, it started to get more attention from the public. That’s what led to an increase in Coinbase’s app, both on the mobile and desktop. In fact, Coinbase has also partnered with Sotheby’s, the auction giant.

The trading application of Coinbase has been there on the Apple App Store since 2014. As per analytics site SensorTower, this app has been downloaded by around 2-million times since its first listing on the Apple App Store.

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