Chainlink (LINK) onboarding Partners 2-Times Faster than Last Year in 2021

Archives of Chainlink’s ecosystem portal shows that 281 cryptocurrency projects have announced their integration with Chainlink, one of the leading oracle providers. Onboarding of these partners of Chainlink has taken place in the last 201 days in 2021. This means that 1.4 partners have been onboarded by the Chainlink project this year so far.

Chainlink Integration Connects Filecoin to Smart Contract-Enabled  Blockchains -

There are currently 650 third-party Chainlink integrations in total. While 43% of the total partner onboardings have taken place in 2021 itself, around 250 partners were integrated in 2020. This year, the total number of partner onboardings has surpassed the total tally of 2020 in the first 6-months. While many partners of the oracle provider, Chainlink, are in their nascent stages, some of the major partners include Alchemix, the Hedera Governing Council, Huobi’s ECO Chain, and more.

Detailed explanation of chainlink VRF verifiable random function | Develop  Paper

For providing secure and automated solutions to decentralized applications for generating randomization, many projects are also utilizing the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) of Chainlink. Infinity Skies, a blockchain-powered game, has recently announced that they have partnered with Chainlink on July 20, 2021, for distributing its in-game “loots” in a fair manner. It said:

“Since loot is probabilistic and NFTs hold real value to players, it is imperative that the minting of loot cannot be ‘gamed’... Chainlink VRF provides the Infinity Skies’ smart-contract responsible for chest opening with direct access to a tamper-proof and auditable random number to determine outcomes when opening chests.”

Crypto projects like PancakeSwap are also utilizing the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) functionality of Chainlink in a big way. Most other projects that have partnered with Chainlink for VRF are using the functionality for ensuring prizes and rewards are issued in a verifiably fair manner.

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