Cardano and Dogecoin show the highest gains during the surge in the crypto-currency market.

As the crypto market rises, Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin (DOGE) gained rapidly.

The last 24 hours remain an interesting time for the crypto market as prices have risen all over after a bullish upturn.

Massive price increases have been seen so far in top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Over one billion dollars have been added in just 24 hours to the entire crypto market cap.

Altcoins like ADA or DOGE are still experiencing huge market changes as the development progresses.

As the investors are back on the market, the price of two digital currencies has jumped over 10% and continues to rise.

Bull traders have now taken over the market with record losses.

Short market liquidation amounted to $1 billion, while Dogecoin is the fourth largest liquidation on the market so far.

In this surprising turn of events this week, Altcoins continue to watch recovery trends as most of the market turns towards green.

Continue upward trend for Dogecoin, Cardano

Dogecoin is still leading the charge so far, posting a 13% price gain in the last 24 hours.

DOGE, which had continued to see downward trends as the hype about the coin and the death of 'Dogefather' Elon Musk, broke up out of the hurricane which seemed best of last week.

Bitcoin, dogecoin, NFTs, GameStop: Investing has gone crazy - Los Angeles  Times

DOGE price moved from $0.195 to over $0.20, to $0.2244, which it now trades. The price has changed to $0.244.

In that vein, Cardano (ADA) continued to increase its current rally by more than 11 percent.

A tremendous run-up to the digital asset trading for 1,20 dollars saw a price of 1,32 dollars in a matter of hours.

The market continues to see double digit price increases in both digital currencies.

Dogecoin's market cap is now $29 billion, with Cardano's market caps making a profit of $43 billion.

Crypto Market Cap Moving Bullish News

More support for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was received last week.

News like milliardaire Elon Musk confirmed Tesla and SpaceX have shown that bitcoin has been very bullish on its balance sheet.

After the announcement, the market showed positive feedback because bitcoin price had increased.

Breaking up 32,000 dollars and keeping the impetus of a price of over 34,000 dollars.

Musk confirmed that he held Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin personally in the same conference.

Elon Musk Reveals Spacex Owns Bitcoin, He Personally Owns BTC, Ethereum,  Dogecoin — 'I Might Pump but I Don't Dump' – Featured Bitcoin News

The milliardaire's holdings in the meme coin have never been sold.

Musk also confirmed that he had never dumped his coins while he could pump coins.

The news of Amazon's integration of Bitcoin into its platform was strongly in this regard.

With the speculation that cryptocurrencies are a way of paying for e-giant, Commerce's the feelings have increased in favor of cryptocurrencies and investors appear to have returned with renewed vigor to the encrypted space.

Sunday after rumors circulated that the integration of cryptocurrencies was confirmed by the insider of the e-commerce giant Amazon, prices rose as the weekend closed.

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