Amazon to launch its own token and integrate bitcoin payments by 2022

Rumors are growing that Amazon could turn to Bitcoin and crypto payments.

Amazon must Launch its Own Cryptocurrency | by Sylvain Saurel | Medium

According to a job posted on their website, the e-commerce titan seeks a digital currency and a Blockchain Product Lead.

As reported by Bitcoinist, Amazon wants someone with the ability "to innovate within payments and financial systems" and is an integral part of its acceptance and experience payments team.

Crypto Product Lead should use its expertise in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger technology, CBDCs to develop strategies and visions with other departements.

This would enable Amazon to gain "leadership buy-in." Job reference services, client experience and a comprehensive technical support strategy for the project.

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An "insider" has stated that Amazon wants to launch bitcoin and crphoto payments by the year end, according to the news website CityAM. Amazon is "definitely looking for"

Moreover, by 2022, the e-commerce giant could start its own token.

Amazon has a plan beyond its digital currency and Blockchain Product Lead work on the news site.

The source stated:

This is not just about creating crypto-currency payment solutions sometime in the future – it is a complete, discussed and integral part of Amazon's future mechanism.

Will they integrate ADA and Ethereum with Bitcoin Key to Crypto Payments on Amazon?

The insider said the project was endorsed by the "very top," Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos. The project is also approved.

This is the first key stage of this crypto project, and the directive comes from the very top...

The project is "very ready for rolling" and begins with Bitcoin, but it is not exclusive.

Amazon managers seem to "watch out" for payments by a market cap on the top 10 of other cryptocurrencies.

The second step would be started once the crypto-payments were "established quickly and securely."

Patent Suggest's Amazon Web Services Will Accept Bitcoin As Payment | by  TheCoinEconomy | Medium

Before bringing eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies on-line, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin cash are next on line.

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It will not take long because the plans already exist and since 2019 they have been working on them.

The creation and launch of an Amazonian token will involve a final step.

The company is said to be experimenting with cryptocurrencies to pay for goods for approximately one year and it can easily move to "tokenisation."

Thus, you can pay for goods and services or earn tokens in a loyalty system at a multi level infrastructure.

For the time being it is not much more, however you can ensure that the Bitcoin plan is closely monitored as opportunities are explored with the Amazon own version of the crypto.

In the alleged crypto project, Amazon did not make an official statement.

So until official confirmation anything remains like a rumor and speculation and should be taken carefully.

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