Napbots is a platform that provides algorithmic crypto trading strategies for traders to use on their exchanges. Want to learn more about the platform? This article is here to guide you.

Crypto Trading Strategies, est. 2017

Napoleon Group was founded in 2017 by experts in quantitative trading with a long track record in the traditional finance industry. From the get-go, the company focused on the development of automated trading strategies applied to crypto. Based on in-depth market research and leveraging artificial intelligence, Napoleon Group launched Napbots in 2019. At its peak, the platform had 6,000 active users and $10 million in live trading budget.

A new turn was taken in December 2021 when CoinShares acquired Napoleon Group, and Napbots along with it.

It was a natural move for Europe’s longest-standing digital asset investment company, which launched the first regulated bitcoin investment fund in 2014. The Group is dedicated to expanding access to the new asset class that is crypto, and Napbots, with its target audience of individual investors, was a strategic fit.

In July 2022, CoinShares released an upgraded and easier-to-use version of the platform, aiming to introduce new audiences to crypto trading while still catering to more expert traders.

What Does Napbots Do?

Napbots was created to address a major issue facing busy traders: time. It can only take a few minutes to buy some crypto. Building up the knowledge and experience to set up and run a trading strategy is much more time-consuming. Crypto is a complex, quickly evolving market, and even experienced traders can find it challenging to navigate. For newcomers to the field, trading in crypto might just seem completely out of reach.

Napbots opens up access to crypto trading by providing its users with expert-designed strategies. These strategies rely on script-based algorithms that make trading decisions after analyzing the market. By setting up these trading strategies on their own exchange, users can actively trade on crypto markets without having to be connected all day to make decisions or building a personal knowledge base.

Crypto Trading Bots, Designed by Experts

Some refer to these automated strategies as “bots”. A bot is simply an autonomous Internet program that is able to interact with other systems or users. Some bots perform very basic actions, such as sending emails when a specific action is undertaken on a website, while others are highly sophisticated and perform complex operations in real time.

Napbots strategies belong to the second category. They are developed by a multidisciplinary team composed of seasoned traders coming from some of the biggest finance institutions in Europe, professional crypto analysts, and experienced quantitative analysts. Our Researchers & Engineers continuously monitor, review and improve strategies. Skilled IT developers are then tasked with developing and maintaining the platform’s features.

Finally, Napbots can rely on CoinShares Compliance department. This team continuously ensures that the platform’s activity is compliant with regulations in force, and operational risks are properly managed.

How Does Napbots Work?

Napbots is intuitive and easy to handle thanks to its quick connect feature. After you have created your account (make sure you are visiting the official Napbots website: https//, it only takes 3 steps to connect your exchange, choose your strategy, and start using it on your exchange.

Step 1: Connect to your exchange

Napbots is compatible with a carefully curated list of industry-lead exchanges including Binance, Kraken, FTX, Bitfinex, Huobi, and Okex, with Coinbase to be added later on.

Retrieve your API key and Secret from your exchange, and follow our step-by-step guide to connect your exchange to Napbots.

This process is completely secure, and your assets remain on your exchange account at all times. Napbots has no access to your funds.

Step 2: Choose your strategies

Browse through Napbots strategies and indexes, and pick the one you would like to apply on your exchange.

This can be changed at any time, in a couple of clicks.

Step 3: Activate your strategies

Activate your bot and monitor your funds through the dashboard, adjusting amounts allocated and strategies as you go. 

Ready to unlock the potential of algorithmic trading? Create your Napbots account.