Napbots is a platform providing ready-to-adopt crypto trading strategies, first established in 2018. In July 2022, a new version of the platform was launched to offer users ever more access to the world of crypto. New pricing model, expanded strategies and support: let’s explore the differences between Napbots V1 and Napbots V2.

Goodbye Napbots V1, Hello Napbots V2!

Ever since Napoleon Group created it in 2018, Napbots has aimed to be the go-to platform for crypto trading strategies. It started with a few strategies, all the way to offering over 30 different bots to individual investors around the world. In May 2021, Napbots counted 6,000 active users, with a peak of $10 million in live trading budget on the platform – featuring a growing list of crypto currencies and exchanges.

In 2021, CoinShares, Europe’s longest-standing digital asset investment company, acquired Napoleon Group, and Napbots along with it. After several months of work, CoinShares released Napbots V2 in July 2022. This new version is faithful to the platform’s original DNA of catering to all trading enthusiasts, regardless of their experience in crypto. But the revamp plans to take things even further, by delivering an intuitive, educative and productive trading experience.

Crystal-Clear Pricing

Napbots initially came with 3 subscription tiers, depending on amount invested and trading options. The team came to realize that, while fair, this system ended up confusing users. 

napbots pricing

Napbots V2 streamlines this process radically. Out with the subscriptions, in with simplicity. For starters, there is no charge at all for allocations under $200. For users wishing to dedicate more funds to trading, Napbots only charges €2/month every $100 invested. For example, if you allocate $1000 to your trading budget, your Napbots receipt will be 20€/month. Monthly cost is capped at €500 for allocations over $25, 000. Think of it as a pay-for-what-you-use strategy. This is the only fee you will ever pay on Napbots. There are no hidden costs or pricing surprises along the way.

Napbots V2 is the only platform on the market that bases its pricing exclusively on users’ allocation. 

Curated Strategies

The team of multidisciplinary experts tested all the strategies offered in Napbots V1, and only kept the best ones. This also means it’s easier for traders to choose a strategy to duplicate without getting lost in technicalities.

napbots crypto strategies

Napbots professional traders and crypto analysts continuously scan the market to develop exclusive algorithms. The platform has an in-house dedicated team of multi-disciplinary experts working on continuously improving bots. It’s like having your own Research & Development team, all encompassed in your browser. 

Always by Your Side

You are in charge of your strategy, but you are not alone. The Napbots support team is available via ZenDesk to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Let Napbots be your guide into the world of crypto trading. The platform is host to a lot of educational content, from comprehensive guides to handy tutorials. You can also count on Napbots to keep you updated on markets, as the research team releases frequent updates and analyses. Better education = better choices.

How to Upgrade From Napbots V1 to Napbots V2

Already have a Napbots account? Great that you are on board. Switching from Napbots V1 to Napbots V2 is as easy as ABC.

1/ You first need to cancel your subscription to Napbots V1. To do so, go to your profile at the top-right corner of your dashboard, and click on “My Account.Look for “Active subscriptions” and click on “Manage my Binance (or any other exchange you are using) subscription.”

2/ Then, Click on “Cancel” at the bottom of the page to cancel your subscription. The cancellation will take effect at the end of your billing period, and you can keep using the bots until then.

NOTE: Canceling your Napbots subscription does not close positions on your exchange. You need to log in to your exchange to manually turn off the bot and liquidate any remaining positions.

3/ It’s now time to create an account on the new platform. You will be prompted to enter your first and last name, your email address, and a robust password. After you click on “Create my account”, you will land on a page instructing you to check your email.

4/ Click on the “Confirm email” button in the email you have received (check your spam if needed). You can also ask for the email to be sent again from the confirmation page.

Congratulations, you are now a member of the Napbots V2 community! It’s time for you to explore the new strategies and start the Napbots adventure afresh.