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NPX Token

The NaPoleonX token (NPX),  is at the heart of Napoleons’ ecosystem providing its token holders with a series of advantages.

The NPX token gives access to 3 key rights:

1. Access to NPX Trading signals
2. 85% of performance fees over the DAFs(Decentralized Autonomous Funds)
3. Pay for NapBots Services

If you use NPX Token to pay for the services, we will receive it at the ICO Price which is (0.001ETH per NPX). Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you have any doubts or problems.

Where to Buy NPX?

How to pay with NPX?

Please follow these steps to pay your subscription with NPX Token:

  1. Buy NPX token in Uniswap or HitBTC, please take into consideration the transactions fees or withdrawal fees that this might carry.
  2. Go to, choose your plan, and proceed to pay.
  3. You will have different methods of payments, please select “Subscribe with NPX Payment.
  4. Make the transfer to the indicated address and wait.
  5. Login to your NapBots account, go to the dashboard, and click refresh credits.
  6. Your account will be activated, if you have any problems please contact us at