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NFTs: Everything you wanted to Know before Investing!

What does NFT stand for? What does NFT mean? You must be asking those questions yourself and searching for the answers. If that is so, you have come to the right page. Let me walk you through the different questions that you may have regarding these specialized digital assets.

What is a NFT Crypto? NFTs Explained

NFTs stand for Nonfungible tokens. These are digital items representing a wide array of real-world objects including art items, video clips, virtual real estate, in-game items, sports cards, digital sneakers, music, and many other tangible and intangible items. The technology underlying the creation of these tokens is same as those of other cryptocurrencies, which is the blockchain technology. In case of NFTs, it is called NFT technology. 

If you want to know where to trade nft tokens or buy and sell NFTs online, then the answer is through cryptocurrency exchanges (just like other cryptos). If you are looking for a marketplace to make and buy an NFT,, Binance NFT, Foundation, and other NFT marketplaces are the solution. 

What is NFT Art? 

Non-fungible tokens help owners to own digital collectibles, which are more secure, easily verifiable, and easy to own than a physical collectible. With the NFTs, you can avoid the creation and circulation of fake collectibles. This is mainly because each non-fungible token can be traced back to the original issuer. 

Examples of NFT Artworks that were Sold in Millions of US Dollars

  1. One of the most famous and high-priced NFT art sales took place in March 2021. Famous digital artist Mike Winklemann, popularly called “Beeple”, created his most famous NFT art called “EVERYDAYS: The First 5000 Days”. It consisted of 5,000 daily drawings. Beeple sold an NFT art at Christies auction for a US$69.3 million record price. 

  1. Nyan Cat meme’s digital rendition was sold at US$590,000 on February 19, 2021 at an auction. 

Why NFT Artworks are so Valuable?

Now, the question is why are people paying astronomical amounts for NFT art collecting when they can simply get them through screenshots or download them free or at a minimum price from different sites? 

If you have the same query, its answer is given precisely by Arry Yu. He is Washington Technology Industry Association Cascadia Blockchain Council’s Chairperson and Yellow Umbrella Ventures’ managing director. According to him, “NFTs create digital scarcity” because they come with unique identifying codes, thereby creating one of a kind or a very limited asset. 

NFTs enable art lovers and collectors to own the original item. The built-in authentication in these digital artworks or items serve as proof of ownership (or certificates of ownership). It is these unique digital authentication codes that make these NFT artworks, videos, virtual real estates, in-game items, sports trading cards, digital sneakers, music, and others unique. If you own it, no other person in the world can buy that same item. This gives the owner of a certain NFT item, the right to brag about them. That’s what give NFTs their well cherished value for trade and exchange. 

That’s why Nonfungible Tokens NFTs are becoming highly popular in the digital art arena. More and more people are buying and selling these specialized tokens since 2014. A staggering US$174 million has been spent on NFTs alone since November 2017. In fact, lots of collectors and investors are continuing to spend millions of dollars. It is this popularity of non-fungible tokens that have given rise to millions of dollars trade everyday. In fact, there are many other digital files of collectible items that are worth millions of US Dollars.

Though many people are worried about the environmental impacts of NFT and crypto token mining, the shift of mining operations from China to America (especially after the crackdown by the Chinese authorities) is surely a way forward towards falling energy usage and carbon emission. In fact, ethereum improvement proposals will likely improve environmental impacts if NFTs. This is another step towards the rising importance of decentralized finance.

NFT Marketplaces: What are They?

NFT markets are specialized marketplaces that bring crypto enthusiasts, creators, and artists together on a single platform for creating and trading nonfingible tokens. 

If you are wondering, what is binance NFT, here is the answer. One of the leading most names in NFT marketplaces is the Binance NFT. It is the new global marketplace for digital collectibles across mediums including sports, music, gaming, and visual arts. It is this one-stop shop marketplace that teaches and enables you how to make and sell nft art. 

Where to Buy NFT Art, Music, and Other NFT Items?

The top 11 popular non fungible token marketplaces for buying or selling NFTs are:

  1., an Ethereum blockchain based NFT marketplace
  2. Nifty Gateway
  3. Foundation
  4. SuperRare
  5. Rarible
  6. Async Art
  7. MakersPlace
  8. KnownOrigin
  9. Zora
  10. Mintable
  11. Terra Virtua

If you love memes and sports collectibles, you can buy and sell NFT through a wide array of NFT platforms including NBA Top Shot, Axie Inifinity, Decentraland, and others. With the rise in popularity of digital art collecting as well as blockchain games, these platforms are becoming more and more popular. Millions of dollars of sports and memes NFTs are bought and sold on a regularly on these marketplaces.

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