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How to set Napbots with OKex

Napbots is a software program that uses your API key to trade on your exchange account automatically, and this automated service requires your API key in order to operate. Which actually is a password that helps Napbots to log into your account and position crypto orders, enabling the bot to communicate with the exchange far more easily.

These easy steps will walk you through how to set Napbots with Okex, including how to create an API Key and how to connect it to your Napbots account:

Step 1: To begin, Login and create a new API key.

Go to your OKEx account and sign in. After you've logged in, you'll be sent to a page that looks like the one above. You can get to your API keys by going to the menu and then selecting "API."

okex api page home is the second step.

Step 2: Once you've arrived to OKEx's My API page, give your key a display name and a passphrase. If "Enquiry" is not enabled by default, be sure to enable trading for the keys as well. We don't need access to "Withdraw," thus that option should be blocked. Then choose "Confirm."

To view the API Key and Secret, you'll need to validate your password and Google Authenticator code. Select "Confirm" once you've typed them.

Step 3:

Your API Key and Secret will now be shown on a page. These are the keys you'll be using to control Napbots.

Note that after you leave this page, you will no longer be able to see your Secret key. At this time, please save a copy to a secure location.

Now that you've gotten your API keys, it's time to put them to use. To activate the keys, we must first choose. We'll now go to Napbots and enter our API keys into the program to begin automating our trading strategy.

Step 4: Connect your API Key

Last but not the least, log in to NapBots and paste your API Key. From your dashboard, go to see details then to settings.

Finally, Paste your API key and click on Connect. Then on your Dashboard, you should have a green thumb indicating everything is in order.

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