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How to set Napbots with Bitstamp

Napbots is a software program that uses your API key to trade on your exchange account automatically, and this automated service requires your API key in order to operate. Which actually is a password that helps Napbots to log into your account and position crypto orders, enabling the bot to communicate with the exchange far more easily.

Watch now our short video to learn how you can set Napbots with Bitstamp :

BitStamp Bo - How to get BitStamp API Keys to Run a Crypto Trading Bot Click here

These easy steps will walk you through how to set Napbots with Bitstamp:

Every exchange has the option of creating an account’s own API key. We’ll use this API key to interact with your exchange account and execute your trades using the Bitsgap interface.

Consider it your login and password, but just for checking your account balance and making trading choices. You will not share any personal information or provide access to alter your account settings or make withdrawals if you use the API key. Based on your API settings, everything will be restricted.

Step 1: Open Bitstamp and log in.

Create a new Bitstamp account or log in to your existing one.


Step 2: Navigate to the API Access page.

Navigate to Security, then API Access from your Account page.


Step 3: Verify the permissions of your API key and submit it.

Then, change your permissions. We will be able to view your history, current balance, and process and execute transactions on your exchange account with these rights.

Step 4: Make a note of your API key and secret key.

Now that you've successfully created your Bitstamp trade key, you're ready to login to our platform! Before you upload your API key and Secret key to Napbots, please keep them somewhere safe.

Step 5: Make your API key active.

Remember to click [Activate] to activate your API key; else, it will not function.

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