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How to bridge your NPX from the Binance Chain to the Binance Smart Chain

This tutorial is here to help you transfer your NPX on the Binance Chain to the Binance Smart Chain.

Prerequisite for the tutorial:

Step 1: Log and send

Login to your Binance Wallet, then Click on your NPXB token, then click on “Send”.

Step 2: Transfer

  • Click on address and enter a compatible BEP20 address, if you do not already have a BEP20 wallet, you can select the BEP20 address from your Binance Wallet. To do this: Click on “address” then “Transfer between my accounts” and select the address “Binance Smart Chain Network”. Select the amount you want to send to the Binance Smart Chain and click on “Send”, confirm the transaction by pressing send a second time.

Step 3: Change network

  • Once your transaction is validated, change network and choose the “Binance Smart Chain Network”.

If you don’t see your NPX tokens, click on the + , click on “custom Asset” and paste the following contract number: 0xd8cb4c2369db13c94c90c7fd3bebc9757900ee6b once the contract is detected press add asset, you should see your NPX in your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain.