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Artificial intelligence revolutionizes passive income in crypto!

The crypto exchanges want to block this new software of trend following predictions which allows obtaining up to 87% of success and 1000% in yearly return, a real robbery for these online trading platforms. This young French company at the origin of this technological innovation will continue to make a lot of noise because it has started to inject more money and expand its variety of products.

* Profit computed considering an initial portfolio of €10,000 one year ago. Calculation have been done at 12pm UTC using Cryptocompare as price source. These are gross performances and do not include execution costs (trading fees nor execution slippage). You should not only rely on gross performance alone as execution costs can have a significant impact over time on performance. Past performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance

For a few months now, new artificial intelligence developed by French company have been making great returns to its users thanks to its amazing results. The crypto traders are delighted, but the Exchanges can’t take it any more…

Pro traders & investors use it and don’t want to share this secret!

It took 2 year and a half of research to create an algorithm that is more accurate and reliable than the best professional traders. Initially, NapBots was tested for 2 years before offering it to the public and was back-tested for more than 8 years. Its yearly return was +200%. Today, the algorithm is so sophisticated that it gets up to +1000% yearly return.Thus, the objective of this artificial intelligence is to offer the best way to get an automatic passive income to ensure a good return in the medium & long term. And that's not all, the two founders are so sure of the efficiency of their technology that they offer up to 1 week of free testing for each new registration!

Buying bitcoin is cool but might be too late and expensive

You know what's cooler?

Automatic crypto trading and you’re in the game

Sounds too good to be true?

That's what our team thought before writing the article. But we analyze the platform and check month by month what the bots did in the past and after +10000 Trades and a year later we can see the real potential that this algorithm has.Here is the monthly return for the past year of one the best algorithms:

This is the perfect solution for the people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and want to start and get a stable passive income in a simple and automated way.

With this technology, you simply copy-trade and follow the algorithm in autopilot, making profits on trades handled by a mass of calculations and analysis.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 5000 French people have taken advantage of this tool and currently, there is a 7 days free trial for all new users.

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Give it a try! You have nothing to lose.

Take the opportunity to have access to NapBots for free! Whether you are familiar with crypto or not, it's easy to get regular profits in an automated way from the first results with NapBots. The installation it’s super easy you don’t need any skills or to install any software, and the bots only have the right to execute orders directly in your exchange

  • No engagement, cancel at any time
  • 7 days trial for free
  • Fully automatic, trades 24/7 while you sleep
  • Only rights to execute trades

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Words from our Customers

Great experience, tidy profits and quick support Been using Napbots for 10 days now. I started with £4000 and I'm now at almost £4700. I was hoping to just at least make back the £99 per month it costs (Highly recommend using some hourly bots in your allocation), so I'm extremely pleased with near £700 profit in 10 days. Some jobs don't pay that much!

Michael Malkinson


Outstanding product, great customer service. Top. Top. We can only highly recommend it!

Bailey woodward


I have only been using the bot for a couple of days and it seems to be working as intended. 5 star comes from the excellent support, any questions I have had have been answered within 12 hours.

Callum Illsey


FANTASTIC ! I connected napbots via Api keys to my exchange and I used the platinum plan to set up 2 Hourly Bots and 1 daily: thanks to those combined bots I was able to earn around $2k in 2 months with a volume of $1.2k, in napbots we trust !!

Florian Boret