State-of-the-art solution,
 designed by expert traders.

We enable the most easy, 
time-saving access to a panel 
of sophisticated crypto trading strategies.

It requires a lot of time, strong experience and deep knowledge to efficiently trade. This is where NapBots comes in. We provide access to insightful crypto trading strategies and indexes designed by market experts from the leading European digital asset investment firm.

With Napbots, select automated trading strategies and simply let associated bots place orders on your exchange. We’re on our way to continuously improve your crypto trading journey by sharing our expertise through advanced, diversified strategies and sharp content.

A story of conquest 
and leadership.

The beginnings
The origins of Napbots
The rise of Napbots
A new dimension with CoinShares

Napoleon Group was founded in 2017 by experts in quantitative trading from the traditional financial industry. It focused on conceiving automated trading based on in-depth research and AI knowledge.

Deep market knowledge lead by continuous, professional internal research

Extensive expertise in trading, research, fundamental analysis and IT

Proactive and caring support provided by a dedicated, knowledgeable team

Backed and curated by Europe’s top industry player, CoinShares

to our values.


We’re a dedicated service part of CoinShares - Europe's largest and longest standing digital asset investment firm. Don’t trust words, trust years of proven experience.


Beyond providing you with valuable strategies, we strive to provide you with all the keys you need to be on top of your game, no matter your current level of expertise.


We’re democratizers so we’ll always make things easy as ABC. Connect NapBots to your exchange, pick strategies, track the results. Simple as that.


Thanks to insightful information on strategies, you’ll never make a blind pick. Track your P&L in real time on your dedicated dashboard. Oh, and switching between strategies takes seconds.


With a tailored, adaptive subscription based on the amount of funds used with NapBots, the platform provides fair access to all its features, with no hidden extra fees.